Kashmir Truck Drivers Beaten by Local ‘Goons’ in Punjab: Mutton Dealers



All Kashmir Wholesale Mutton Dealers Union (KWSMDU) Wednesday said that dozens of drivers and conductors from Kashmir received injuries after they were beaten by the local “goons” in Punjab who act as officials extort money from them in the name of special tax.

In a statement issued to KNS, the dealers said that dozens of their drivers and conductors were beaten by the local ‘goons’ in Punjab after Kashmir drivers and conductors refused to pay illegal tax in Madahav Pora.

The dealers had said that a gang of local goons on the highway along Lakhanpore, Pathankote road in Punjab are extorting money from them and not allowing them to transport cattle meant for meat in Kashmir.

According to the statement, the Jammu and Kashmir police which intervened in the matter were also beaten in the presence of Punjab Police at Madhav Pora by the local “goons”.

President of the association, Abdul Rashid Kachroo said that the matter was taken up with the higher ups including Chief Minister who directed DGP, K Rajendra to look into it.

However, after their interference, the local goons are still extorting money from them. “Such incidents should be stopped at earliest,” he said.

Pertinently, the association had said that they are forcibly used to pay the ‘special tax’ in the name of Punjab cattle Fair Act 1987.

“Although the cattle is being carried from Gazapore and Delhi under valid documents and receipts, a group of 20-25 people in Lakhanpore, Pathankote road claim to be government officials and forcibly make them pay the illegal tax which various from 5000-15000 per truck,” Kachroo said.


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