Kashmir Weather: Sunshine Returning From Monday Afternoon

by Minhaj Masoodi

SRINAGAR: With temperatures touching two extremes, the weather in Kashmir has been on a roller coaster ride. Totally atypical of the September-October climate in Kashmir, the weather was unusually warm during the end half of September. Come the second half of October, the air has a bone piercing nip in it.

Apple being readied for packaging. KL image

Kashmir is expected to be normal after Monday, however, Western Disturbances may revisit later next week.

Kashmir’s autumn weather may have a romantic call for the visitors but it is crucial for harvesting. Right now most of Kashmir is busy with apple picking and the subsequent processing including dispatching the yield to the markets. Inclement weather has huge costs especially if the road gets blocked.

During the first half of the month, it seemed that summer had prolonged its stay in the valley. Two weeks later, it seems as if winter has arrived early. With harvesting season at its peak, the untimely drizzles have caused concern to many farmers, particularly paddy cultivators.

Similarly, apples and other fruit are also being harvested at this time. With the weather acting as a dampener, it could impact Kashmir’s already beleaguered economy and also the income of the distraught farmers whose profits have dwindled during the last three summers due to successive disruptions because of lockdowns.

Also, with Jammu and Srinagar highway being the only link of transportation between Mainland India and the valley, its closure could have a significant impact on the export of produce in the valley.

Kashmir’s weatherman, Sonam Lotus said that the light rain is expected to continue till tomorrow afternoon, with light snow in the mountains also expected.

“Overall, we expect the weather to be dry from tomorrow afternoon till 22 October, after which the weather is expected to be cloudy with chances of light to moderate rain,” Lotus said.

“Since the forecast is one week away, we will update it tomorrow as the date approaches,” Lotus added.

Independent weather forecaster, Faizan Arif, said that other than an active western disturbance which is expected during 23-25 October, the weather will largely behave in a normal manner.

“Apart from the upcoming Western Disturbance (WD) around 23-25 October, nothing significant is expected till month-end,” Arif said. “One or two more WDs are expected in the last five days of the month, but are likely to be weak.”


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