Kashmir Won’t Accept ‘Separate Homeland’ For KPs, Says Lawmaker Rashid

KL Report


MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Wednesday blasted the stand of Jammu & Kashmir government to acquire and provide land at the earliest for composite townships for displaced Kashmiri Pandit migrants in the Valley, which was recently revealed by Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed with his meeting with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

“Settling Kashmiri Pandits in separate townships will not be allowed to happen as it is detrimental to interest of every community living in Kashmir,” Engineer Rashid stated.

“The fact of the matter is that majority of Kashmiri pundits are not interested in settling back in Kashmir as they are happy in enjoying perks, packages and privileges. PDP lead by Mufti Sayeed is unfortunately acting as a facilitator in the grand plan of BJP brigade to communalize and polarize situation in Jammu &Kashmir.”

Engineer Rashid asked Mufti who was in house to clear his stand and should ask New Delhi to take measures to heal the wounds of Kashmiris who have suffered all these years.

MLA Langate told House that the perception that Kashmiri Pandits are not safe in their native places is totally wrong and a game plan planted by Central Government to defame Kashmiris as Kashmiri Pandits have been visiting very frequently to their native places and there have been no such complaints that they feel any threat from their Muslim neighbours.

“Fact of the matter is that Kashmiri Pandits neither want to lose packages nor want to end the concept that Kashmiri are communal,” he said.

Engineer Rashid question Chief Minister that why does not his government seek a package to concentrate on those thousands of Kashmiri families who have and their children have subjected to bonded labour by army in Kupwara district and elsewhere or 13 long years.

He also lashed out at NC MLAs for keeping complete mum over the issue.

“Setting separate township and identifying land for same purposes is surrendering to demands of communal groups like Panun Kashmir especially their demand of separate homeland. All this suggests that Kashmir is being turned into next Palestine which would never be allowed to happen and will be fought with full vigour and zest. These fascist steps will meet a stiff resistance from every conscious voice.”

We need to bust the myth, he said, that Kashmiri Pandits have suffered enormously on contrary it is the Kashmiri Muslims who have suffered a great deal in the kiln of conflict and hurt in every way by unresolved conflict.

“Right minded people, sane voices will not allow getting Kashmir converted into jungle of fascism and aboriginality of this land will be protected at all costs,” he said.


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