Kashmiri Boy Among Six Selected For E-Sports Asia Championship 2023

by Mujtaba Hussain

SRINAGAR: Mesum Abbas, 15, from the Saidakadal area of Srinagar has been invited to participate in the E-Sports Asia Championship 2023, to be held in North Korea.

Mesum Abbas

Abbas, a video gaming enthusiast and YouTuber is among the six players from India who have been invited to the event.

Abbas said that he is currently preparing for the event. “I am one among the six representing India. Also, it will be an honour to represent Kashmir in a major Esports event.”

Abbas, who has earned laurels for his video gaming tactics along with video tutorials on YouTube, is a ninth-standard student at the Kashmir Harvard school.

His journey into video gaming began in early 2017 when his father got him a mobile tablet. Back then, he wasn’t familiar with mobile devices let alone video games.

“Exploring the tablet, I got to know about online games. I installed COC (Clash of Clans) and many other games immediately,” Abbas said.

His incessant gaming led to the tablet dying a natural death.

Abbas’s father bought him a new phone in 2018. Soon Abbas was back to gaming with one of his friends introducing him to the Free-Fire game in which players can talk to each other while playing.

“I downloaded it. It was a very intriguing playing experience. But I was playing for leisure and recreation. Everything changed when I came across a YouTube video in which one gamer had uploaded his gameplay,” he said.

“He (gamer) had a million views despite his playing method being not that imposing. I got the idea of making a similar video where I could teach people on playing better way,” Abbas added.

“Soon, I started recording and uploading my gameplay videos on my YouTube channel, “Gaming with Mesum”. It got a huge viewership and subsequently I had around 53,000 subscribers from all over the world,” Abbas said.

However, the internet blockade post-August 5 2019 led to Abbas losing access to his channel.

It was in 2020, when 4G internet was restored, that he started another YouTube channel to Livestream his gaming videos. The channel currently has around 1,58,000 subscribers. However, due to the low viewership of live-streamed videos in the Indian sub-continent, Abbas had to keep this channel on hold.

During the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, Abbas started playing for longer hours.

In October 2021, he started another YouTube channel called “S-ONE 1” to upload recorded videos of his gameplay.

“I have more than 1,53,000 subscribers on this YouTube channel and a total view count of more than 15 million. I mostly upload gaming tutorials on this channel and teach others how to complete difficult missions in the game,” he said.

Abbas said that his family wasn’t supportive initially but has now stood behind him like a bedrock. “I have great support from my elder brother also. He even counselled our parents to let me pursue gaming.”

“Although I play games for around 3 to 4 hours daily, my primary focus is still my studies. I don’t compromise with my studies,” Abbas said, adding that he wants to make an outstanding team of Kashmiri Software developers to build a high-end Kashmir-centric game.

“A Kashmir-centric game would give a feeling of belongingness to the Kashmiri audience and the gaming enthusiasts.”


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