Kashmiri Doctor, Scribe Ruthlessly Beaten in New Delhi

Riyaz Ul Khaliq



In yet another brazen attack on Kashmiris outside J&K, two youth were beaten by half a dozen goons in New Delhi on Saturday late evening.

Imran Shah and Dr Amaar Khan who are living in union capital for quite some time were beaten by some goons when they were on their way to residence.

Imran Shah is a freelance journalist while Amaar is a medical doctor by profession. Shah is living in Malviya Nagar while Khan has his residence in East Delhi.

Narrating the incident as what happened with them and the police “in-action” thereafter, Imran said, “my sister and her family reached Delhi yesterday and I had booked a guest house for them near Kashmiri Park. I was supposed to have my dinner with them along with my doctor friend as special Kashmiri dishes were brought by my sister for us.”

Imran said that it was around 9:45 PM that he along with Dr Amaar reached near Kashmiri Park that five goons who were coming on the other side set their dogs free after us. “Suddenly, we found dogs coming towards us to attack and we ran for safety and in the meanwhile, Dr Khan fell down hurting his leg,” he said. “While we were just restoring our postures, they started ruthlessly beating us.”

For the two helpless Kashmiris, no one came for their help. “They started yelling at us that we seem like ISIS men,” Imran said, “this is what is happening with us. ISIS are not humans; they kill people and how come we are like them. We are respectable citizens.”

He said that they made a call to 100. “Police came and we gave them details but nothing happened.”

Further, Imran called his journalist friend who is working with a news channel in New Delhi. “He tweeted the incident and many news channels reached the spot forcing Nizam Ud Din police station cops to come back,” he added.

“The cops reached and filed a report, however, they didn’t check the footage of the CCTVs installed in the area.”

Earlier on Jan 4, 8 Kashmiris were detained in Bekanir district on suspicious grounds—only to be set free later.


  1. what the hell is going on this is jungle raj nt democracy n i’ll nt say smthng abt delhi bt i’ll say that kashmiri politicians are animals bloody mother fuckers


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