Kashmiri girl of Aryans honoured by CM Punjab

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The Kashmiri girl Rumaisa of Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh’s was honoured by CM, Punjab S. Prakash Singh Badal for her Innovation of “Aryans Android App” to be in touch with College.

This honour was given by CM in “Technical Education Summit” in the presence of more than 2000 Educationists and around 50,000 Students of Punjab.

Aryans Kashmiri Student Rumaisa with her 3 friends – Sadiya, Yusra and Zeenat recently developed “Aryans Android App” to solve the problem of ban on SMS in Jammu and Kashmir. The girls developed this App with the help of their faculty members to make Campus Paper Free.

After being honoured by CM, Rumaisa said that she is feeling very happy getting so much of support and appreciation. She further said that she came from Kashmir to Punjab to get Education. With the support of College Management, teachers and her parents, she could take this initiative. She requested every Kashmiri girl to move forward and let her parents, College and State feel proud.

While doling out the details about the app Dr Anshu Kataria said that the Android Application with the name of ‘Aryans’ is having two Logins. The logins are intended for students and staff. “The outsiders need not to login,” he said adding “They can simply have a view of the details of the College.”


  1. Im sick of this bullshit i hv developed n created over 59 java,android n pc apps n i tell u what this is a child’s play. No doubt there r many other beings who hv done n r doing such things. At present u can see more third party apps created by random ppl on android app store rather than of certified n known software companies. My point here is why do u make such fuss abt the things why do u lion them that really doesn’t matter to the ppl living on this earth. What kinda bullshit ban problem it has to be solve when there r several other apps like whatsapp, hangouts etc which already allow us to communicate through texts with a blink of eyes n also hv options to send multimedia through them n all these god damn apps r availble on ur android market for free. U all disgust me u r shame on mother of technology..


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