Kashmiri Pandit Actor Names Film on Kashmir ‘To Hell With the Heaven’



A Kashmiri Pandit Model Rahul Bhat Tuesday said he will name his new film “To hell with the Heaven” which will be shot in the valley.

“I am shooting a film from February 15 in Kashmir Valley and the story line of the film is about a Kashmiri Pandit child,” Bhat said.

It is a short film with maximum shooting based in the Valley, from where the Kashmiri Pandits fled after 1989-1990.

“It is the film which is my own story of my childhood. I am also a migrant. I am not from those who have never been to Kashmir, never seen migration from Kashmir to Jammu and suddenly found new love for Kashmir,” Bhat said.

“I have migrated from Kashmir Valley, remained in a camp in Jammu and struggled to reach to the place of an actor. That pain, which I have experienced, is the focus of my film. I will take maximum Kashmiri Pandit actors in the film. I will try to get people from Jammu,” he added.


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