Increase in ‘Hit and Run’ Cases Worrisome

Tabish Khan



The unprecedented increase in number of hit and run cases in Kashmir is a new cause of worry among Valleyites, especially Srinagarities.

On 31st December 2015, 5yr old, Muntazir Ahmad is the latest victim of one such accident.

“While Muntazir was crossing the road outside his home in uptown Srinagar he was hit by a Santro car and was seriously injured in his head which was operated on emergency basis in SKIMS,” said Shahzad Ahmad Chopan, father of the victim.

“I can never forgive the culprit of my son who is presently struggling for his life,” he added.

Eight year old, Salma Khurshid, is unable to remember relatives, and whatever she does.

Resident of Rajpora, Shopian, she lost her memory in an accident, and because of head trauma, she is unable to memorise anything. She met with a hit and run accident on 16 Jan, 2016 while she was purchasing Waffers from a departmental store.

“She was hit by a Maruti car driven by a young boy who tried to escape but later on was caught by police. The family of that young boy offered me to take the responsibility of my daughter’s treatment to which I refused,” said Khursheed Ahmad Wani, Salma’s father.

“How can I accept that offer,” the aggrieved father said, “my daughter is unable to even recognize me!”

Meanwhile, traffic police are taking measures to minimise traffic accidents, however, the “staff crunch” is a major issue with the department.
The department also held ‘Road and Safety week’ programs to sensitize the common masses about the streamlining the traffic mechanism.

When contacted Maqsood-ul-Zaman, SP Traffic police, Srinagar, he said, “hit and run cases are usually reported from highways.”

However, he added, “we are holding programs to sensitize the people about traffic management.”

The Traffic Police recently held ‘Road and Safety week’. “By holding such programs, we try to educate people regarding road safety measures,” he said, “it will help in overall reducing number of road accidents.”

(Tabish Khan is an Intern with Kashmir Life.)


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