Kashmiri Students Assaulted in Jammu



Kashmiri students were beaten in Model Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET) Jammu on Tuesday, after they objected to the actions of some local students who passed offensive remarks on Kashmiri girls in the college campus.

However, an official said that police have taken cognizance and started investigation.

“The local students abused a group of Kashmiri girl students and termed them terrorists and supporters of Pakistan,” a group of Kashmiri students told CNS over phone.

They added that as Kashmiri male students objected to the objectionable remarks and gestures of local students towards to Kashmiri girls, they were beaten.

“The local students then took sharp edged weapons and started beating the Kashmiri students, they further tried to assault the Kashmiri students physically,” they alleged adding that one of the Kashmiri students Aqib Jalal, a resident of Awantipora suffered injuries.

Ankur, Director of the Institution said that police have arrived in the campus and everything is now in control. However, he refused to comment actually what had happened.


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