Kashmiri Students ‘Beaten’ in BGSBU; Varsity Authorities Respond, ‘Don’t Disturb, We Are in Meeting’

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Two Kashmiri students of Baba Gulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) were arrested on Thursday after a scuffle broke out between students in the university dining hall.

“There was a scuffle between Kashmiri and local students of Rajouri and Poonch in the university dining hall,” a student wishing anonymity said.

He added that one of the students got injured as he fell down on the floor of the dining hall but “the locals students hand-in-glove with administration registered FIR against five (5) Kashmiri students”.

“One Junaid Bhat was caught by police at the university gate and has been put in to custody of Rajouri police station,” he informed.

“They are best at story making with administration and few local teachers made a great story that students from Kashmir attacked the boy with knife.

The injured boy was coming just from a marriage party and didn’t know what was cooking up there,” the students alleged.

“When we approached the University administration to take up the case and get the student released, they in turn asked us to approach police and get the student released on bail,” another student said adding, “it was a ploy against us.”

He alleged that when some students (those who were named in FIR included) went to police station Rajouri early Thursday morning they were caught by “local goons” and beaten.

“Local goons were waiting for us and unaware of the fact that they were waiting for us, we went straight way but we were apprehended on way and one of our classmates namely Faizaan was first beaten and then he too was arrested and lodged at Rajouri police station,” the student said.

“This all is being done at the behest of a few students. MLA Poonch-Haveli is father of one of the students. This student has been doing all bad things to Kashmiris only because his father is an MLA,” the aggrieved Kashmiri students said.

The students allege that the administration at the BGBSU comes from Rajouri and Poonch areas which have been “working against the interests of Kashmiri students”.

“The administration of BGBSU is all against Kashmiri students here because they belong to Rajouri and Poonch districts,” they said.

“The student problem should have been handled by BGBSU administration but they washed their hands off from it and remained tight lipped over the issue. They themselves called police,” the students said.

“Are we born to be beaten everywhere? Is it that we are Kashmiris and that is our fault? Why does BGBSU admit Kashmiri students when they can’t give us security?” the students asked.

“This time we are arranging a lawyer to get bail for the arrested Kashmiri students,” they said.

When contacted, police officials from Rajouri police station told Kashmir Life that some students from BGBSU complained about a “fight between two groups in the varsity”, against which they arrested few students.

“147, 333 and 4/25 sections have been slapped on the students,” the cop said.

When asked whether BGBSU administration had approached them, the cop said, “no, some students came and we acted up on their complaint. 

Kashmir Life tried every contact at helm of affairs in BGBSU but in vain. “I am not hearing you,” replied Registrar and others were in the “meetings”.



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