Kashmiri students in Himachal stage protest

KL Report


Scores of Kashmiri students pursuing their studies in Himaliyan Group of Professional Institute Himachal Pradesh staged a massive protest inside College premises demanding immediate rustication of those students allegedly involved in misbehaving with Kashmiri female students.

The Kashmiri students alleged that scores of students from Himachal and Haryana beat them up and misbehaved with female students while college authorities did not take any action against them.

Few Kashmiri students told local news agency, CNS on phone, that it has become a common sight for us that students from Haryana and Himachal tease and harass Kashmiri female students. They said that a day before when some of the Kashmiri students resisted and resented their action, they in league with other outside state students beat them mercilessly.

“We all Kashmir students about 250 in number boycotted our classes and the boycott will continue till action is not taken against the ‘goons”, the students said.

When contacted, Chairman, Himaliyan Group of Professional Institute Himachal Pradesh, Rajesh Bhansal said that the College authorities expelled at least four students who were found responsible for the mess. “It is not a serious issue. During a sports meet, a Kashmir and a student from Haryana came to blows with each other and the other students joined the fray. We have settled the issue and four students have been rusticated,” he said.

Bhansal termed the allegations baseless that in his college any female student is being harassed or teased.


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