Kashmiri students studying outside should have been seen politics neutral, Omar says


The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and National Conference Vice president Omar on Sunday expressed concern over the attacks on Kashmiris outside the state and said

In a serious of Tweets, Omar wrote; “By attacking them, terrorising them & forcing them to find the shelter they are being told there is no place for them outside the valley & no future in the mainland”.

“Young Kashmiri students studying outside J&K should have been feted as examples of people who have stayed away from the politics & conflict in Kashmir, choosing instead to make a future for themselves.”

“Those hotheads that make up the mobs doing this damage need to ask themselves (if they have the mental bandwidth) whose purpose is served by ostracising Kashmiris.”

“Our enemies & those who back terrorism in J&K have been trying to drive this wedge so please please let’s not do their job for them. Kashmir isn’t just a piece of land it’s the people that inhabit it.”

From last three days, after the attack on CRPF convoy that claimed the life of 49 troopers, many Kashmiri students, private employees and traders outside Kashmir were asked to leave the place, and many of them have received life threats as well.

Meanwhile, the curfew in Jammu continued on the third day. Earlier the mob in Jammu had attacked many Kashmiris and properties worth lakhs were damaged.


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