Kashmiri Veterinarian Bags International Award

SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri veterinarian Dr Qazi Mudasir from Central Veterinary Hospital Srinagar has been awarded internationally by Global Alliance for Rabies Control.

Dr Qazi Mudasir

GARC is dedicated to eliminating rabies in both humans and animals in support of the global goal to end deaths due to canine-transmitted rabies by 2030.

Its mission is to prevent human rabies deaths, and to relieve the burden of rabies in other animal populations, especially dogs. It is dedicated to eliminate rabies in both humans and animals.

Dr Qazi Mudasir reported that incidence of Rabies in animals has been reduced to almost nil in Kashmir valley by educating masses regarding the role of prophylactic and post bite anti-rabies vaccination in animals.

Dr Qazi Mudasir performed more than 5000 prophylactic anti-rabies vaccinations in canines and felines and 2254 post bite anti-rabies vaccinations in animals having history of dog and cat bites thereby reducing the incidence of rabies to almost nil in the area.

He is conducting routine prophylactic anti-rabies vaccination in all pets bought in hospital OPD who are more than 3 months of age.

He had conducted 622 sterilization procedures in dogs and cats.


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