Kashmiri’s being framed in ‘fabricated cases’ under a well planned design, says Jama’at

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Jama’at-e-Islami Tuesday expressed concern over “framing of innocent Kashmiri youth in false and concocted cases of terrorism and disruption” by the Indian law enforcing agencies and “fabricating false evidence” against them and articulately getting them punished by the courts.

A statement of Jama’at issued here said, “As a result of this well planned process hundreds of innocent youth are languishing in different jails in Jammu and Kashmir and outside it”.

Recently in such a “framed” case a Kashmiri boy namely Muzaffar Ahmad Rather along with others have been sentenced to death, the “harshest punishment” which any court can award under the Indian law “though there was no solid evidence against them for any such activities warranting such a stringent punishment”, the statement said.

Muzaffar left his home in 2002 and later was declared to have bene arrested near Indo-Bangladesh border in 2007 and during this period his family members were searching for him, the statement added.

At the time of his arrest “nothing incriminating” was found from his possession but he along with others was charged for “waging war against the government of India” and the charge sheet was produced before a Calcutta court which sentenced him to death.

“A number of such convicts were either sentenced to death or life imprisonments and are languishing in different jails,” the press statement said.

Dr Mohammad Qasim, Dr Mohammad Shafi Shariyati, Ghulam Qadir Bhat and a number of other “innocent” Kashmiris are the life convicts facing the same fate and “there is no one to come to their rescue and even the courts have failed to deliver justice to them”.

“Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir appeals the international human rights agencies to come forward and raise this humanitarian issue of the political convicts and other such détentes so that they get justice and their most vital fundamental right of life and freedom is safeguarded.”


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