‘Kashmiris will resist all Conspiracies with Unity and Passion to stop anti-Kashmiri Programs’, says Malik



Yasin Malik with Bhat and AsiyaJammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairperson (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik along with a JKLF delegation including Noor Muhammad Kalwal, and senior leaders Thursday called on Ameer Jamait-i-Islami Ghulam Muhammad Butt and chairperson of Dukhtaran I Millat Aasiya Andrabi, a party statement issued here read.

During the meetings, the statement added, consultations were held on “conspiratorial plots” like construction of “so-called Israeli type separate colonies” for pandits and army people, “east India company type industrial policy”, colonies for homeless outsiders and “oppression unleashed on Jammu Muslims” etc.

“The participants emphasized on the need of a unified voice of Kashmiris against these plots.”

In the meeting with Jamat-i-Islami, besides Ameer-i-Jama’at Ghulam Muhammad Butt, Ghulam Qadir Lone, Zahid Ali Lone, Gazi Moin-ud-din and Muhammad Ashraf Mir participated in the meeting.

The statement said, “all issues related to conspiratorial government plans about establishing Israeli type separate colonies for pundits, ex-army people, homeless outsiders and new industrial policy, plight of Jammu Muslims and NEET came under discussion and on all related issues a complete unanimity of thoughts and ideas was shared by all the sides.”

During the meetings JKLF chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik emphasized upon the need of unity and one faced approach to tackle these new challenges posed by India and its “Kashmiri stooges”. “The situation was like Do or Die for Kashmiris and as a living nation we cannot shy away from resisting this threat as it is directly putting our very existence in jeopardy.”

He said, “The conspiratorial programs like construction of separate colonies in the name of pundits, establishing separate colonies for ex-army people, construction of homes for non-Kashmiri homeless people, selling or leasing out Kashmiri land to Indian businessmen for establishing so-called industrial units etc, oppression unleashed against Jammu Muslims and laws like NEET are a serious danger to Jammu Kashmir and this is why all Kashmiris today stand against these plans.”

The participants of the two meetings said that these conspiracies are being hatched and implemented by Indian rulers with the help of their “local stooges” and main aim of these is to change the “demography” of this land, challenge the Muslim majority status of Jammu Kashmir and turn majority into minority and strengthen the “illegal occupation of India” on this land.

“It was held that if India and its stooges continued their anti-Kashmiri conspiratorial acts, Kashmiris will jointly launch a stiff resistance against these and will not allow these conspiracies to succeed at any cost. We will resist all these conspiracies with unity and passion and even spill our blood to stop these anti Kashmiri programs, asserted the participants of the meeting.”

The participants emphasized that India and its “Kashmiri stooges” want to “change demography of Jammu Kashmir” and turn majority into minority here.

“Israeli type separate colonies for pundits and army people, east India Company type industrial policy, colonies for homeless outsiders, NEET and oppression unleashed against Jammu Muslims are manifestation of this conspiratorial agenda. This is the question of life and death for us and we all should join hands to fight this new onslaught.”

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