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Twitter‘Show me a date in our calendar that is not stained in blood? Show me a road in our land that has not been turned into a vein.  #KashmirNow,’ reads a tweet by a Kashmiri.

Since Saturday evening, Kashmir took the micro-blogging site twitter by a storm with tweets about Kashmir pouring in as fast as 500 tweets per second from across the world.

‘Here is a country whose forces enjoy impunity for any and all crimes they commit!!! And the country claims to be our savior!! #KashmirNow,’ reads one tweet.

The tweeples from Kashmir started tweeting about the latest massacre in Kashmir under the hashtag #KashmirNow at 8.30 P.M on Saturday and soon tweeples from across the world joined in to express their solidarity with the Kashmiris.

‘Think again if you thought you killed us all. Think again if you thought you had silenced us. We are alive and speaking. #KashmirNow,’ one more tweet reads.

The storm was also supported by international hacktivist group Anonymous. Anonymous also runs an exclusive operation against human-rights abuses and frequent internet clampdowns in Kashmir called OpKashmir.

‘#KashmirNow is “allegedly” trending worldwide- Talk like Indian media,’ another tweets mocked Indian media’s coverage to Kashmir.

The tweets also contained the pictures and videos related to recent and past happenings in Kashmir. The IPTK’S report on mass graves and impunity enjoyed by armed forces in Jammu & Kashmir was also widely distributed through the tweets.

‘Calling Kashmir a conflict is like calling bullet wound, a needle prick. It’s an occupation. Call it so. #KashmirNow,’ reads one tweet.


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