Kashmir’s border breaking musical duo sets internet on fire

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Umar Majeed. Image source Facebook

A melodious rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem by two Kashmiri musicians on traditional instruments has gone viral on social media in the Valley drawing more than 2 lac views.

The video is spreading fast through Whatsapp groups and has become particularly famous for its melodious rendition on santoor and rabab by Umar Majeed (18) and Zubair Ahmad (22).

The video shared by many Facebook pages has been viewed over 2 lac times and has obtained thousands of likes.

“Music has no boundaries. Musicians are ‘azad’. It is our work and we will be of no worth without music. There is no other motive to my rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem,” Umar Majeed, who has played the santoor, told Hindustan Times.

The Pakistani national anthem was been written by Hafeez Jullundhri and its music was composed by Ahmad G Chagla in 1949.

Majeed told Hindustan Times that he and Zubair were practising in the musical institute of the former’s father in HMT area on the outskirts of Srinagar when somebody suggested the rendition.

“We were trying the instruments when a friend suggested playing ‘Pak sarzameen’. Somebody started capturing it on a video. Since its upload on social media my phone has not stopped buzzing,” Majeed, who is a class 12 arts student, said.

Majeed said that he was surprised by the response of the people. “I have also uploaded videos before but I had never imagined this video will become so famous,” he said.

Not unexpectedly, the rendition has become a fodder for some trolls to use it for their own ends on either side of the border but many music lovers have hailed the young musicians for the mesmerising music.

“Wooooww. This music is soul refreshing. Mesmerising music,” wrote a Kashmiri working in Bangalore on Facebook.

Majeed is more than happy as he said it has turned the attention of youth towards the Kashmir’s traditional music.


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