#Kathua: DeM expresses serious concern over Asifa’s case, appeals Ulema’ to lead people


Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Tuesday, appealed the Islamic scholars and Ulema of Jammu and Kashmir to come out of their Darul Alooms and lead the people who demand justice for Asifa on streets.

The spokesman in a statement quoted the DeM chairperson saying “Why are Ulema of Kashmir sleeping, do they not see how brutally the 8-year-old child Asifa was raped and murdered.”

Andrabi urged that all the scholars should come forward and help the people in this movement of grief, “Ulema must come out of their places and lead the people on streets. You (Ulema) have a significant role to play,” she said.

She said that Ulema knows how Muslims must act when their daughters, mothers and sisters are in danger. “The Ulema can effectively make people understand that Prophet Mohammad, ﷺ among other conditions, has said that Muslims must wage Jihad if their women are in danger. The Ulema must make people understand this fact and should be a part of this pious movement,” she added.

“Aren’t the cases like Kunan Poshpora, Shopian, Islamabad and now Asifa’s enough to shake our conscience and aren’t these cases enough to establish that our women are in grave danger, she added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of DeM also expressed grave concern over the condition of Kashmiri prisoners in jails across JK and outside.

She said that condition of Dr Mohammad Qasim, who was shifted to Jammu against court orders, is critical. “His health has deteriorated to a large extent and what is disturbing is that no one allowed meeting him,” she added.

The spokesperson added that his health especially the condition of his eyes is critical. “He is suffering from Glaucoma and due to the absence of medication, his eyesight is damaged to an alarming level,” she added.


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