Kathua rape and murder:  Geelani shocked over slow pace proceedings


Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday while criticizing the authorities, said that silence maintained by them over Asifa murder and rape case is very sad and painful and add that it seems when it comes to the people of Kashmir all decide to turn a blind eye. Geelani expressed shock over the slow pace proceedings in Kathua girl murder and rape case, saying attempts are being made to shelve the case likewise that of Asifa Nilofer double murder case.

Terming the murder and rape of innocent Asifa the most reprehensible crime against humanity, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is shocking and very unfortunate that even judiciary is working under the influence of these bigoted minded people and instead of taking cognizance, acting as a mute spectator.

Referring to Damni murder and rape incident, Syed Ali Geelani said that the gruesome murder and rape of the girl sparked outrage in whole India, however contrary to this and as usual no justice was ever done in Asifa murder case and the perpetrators are being supported by communal factions and authorities showing a lenient view.

Geelani said the evil act of raping a child is the most abhorrent act against all humanity. The beasts who did it, not only raped 8-year-old little Asifa they drugged her and killed her and even though the state administration and judiciary remained unmoved and as usual followed their insincere dogma.

The murder of the eight-year-old girl had saddened him, Geelani said and while demanding capital punishment for accused, he in his appeal to all peace and justice loving people of the state and particularly Jammu, activists & humanists to stand with humanity and justice.

No sin is ever justifiable, Geelani said and lashing authorities, added that in  civilised societies those sharing power corridors feel accountable to protect rights of  people against the  violence and provide protection to the victims, saying it is a moral duty for authorities to protect rights of people and there is precedence  that  rulers even resign from their responsibilities if they fail to deliver their duties, said Geelani and added  situations are quite contrary and authorities instead, even support such beastliness for gaining political dividends.

Appealing international human rights organisation for their cognizance, Syed Ali Geelani asked to look into the grave incident and put up the case with International Court of Justice to deliver speedy justice to the affected nomadic family.


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