KCSDS Demands AFSPA revocation

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Reiterating  the demand for withdrawal of forces from cities and towns immediately and complete  withdrawal of
AFSPA from the state, Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has strongly condemns loss of precious lives at the hands of  forces , the fire arm injuries to hundreds of young and old persons and .

“The killing of  Tahir Ahmad  Sofi  in  Baramulla in particular has once again brought the spotlight on  the unwarranted presence of  army  contingents  in the civilian areas  and the special legislation (AFSPA) which empowers them to kill  on mere suspicion.”

The centre also warns the Govt against allotting  more land to forces everywhere especially in Baramulla which has been already converted into a huge Chawni .

“In the present  case of the  killing of Tahir and fatal injury to Ajaz Khan , their  purpose was  simply to terrorize people  and keep them in line.Any  kind of inquiry by army is a fait accompli  and we reject it  at its inception as we know the fate of other such inquiries be it  Bijbehara  massacre inquiry or Pathribal or  scores of  others,” reads the statement.

The members also   condemn  in strong terms   the use of pepper gas for its far reaching   insidious  and disastrous effects on the population of the locality  where it is exploded.The expert opinion tells us that sick adults,senior citizens , being subjected to toxic gas within their homes far from the scene of agitation can be afflicted with deadly clinical problems The infants and toddlers are peculiarly vulnerable to the noxious effects of the pepper gas.The centre also takes strong exception to the use of pellets  on protesters in Varmul old town which has resulted in severe injuries to 85 persons. Every barbarian method is used  here which has been abandoned elsewhere   to  suppress dissent and subjugate people in
spite of the fact that  it has never worked.

KCSDS has also taken   strong objection  to the out of turn statement by director NHPC for refusing the return of power projects  of Salal, Dulhasti,Uri and Sewa to the state.The members have advised him to check the legality and constitutionality of  holding on to these projects  before speaking. His corporation has miserably failed  to produce any document  with regard to any lease agreement with the state for the land or property  on which these projects have been set up or any license for power generation  which is absolutely necessary under J&K Electricity Act. KCSDS  lambasts the Govt for not making genuine efforts  to get back these power projects  which people of the state have been demanding for a long time. Now  anger is growing in the youth   against the loot of our water resources  while they cannot read and write  in perpetual dark winters.It is a pity that a middle rank officer can dictate terms to the state Govt which has become used to swallowing insults with utter ‘helplessness.’The centre also severely criticized the Govt for not getting its share of 20per cent power from Thin Dam and water for irrigation purposes from Punjab Government.


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