Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Chairperson Muhammad Yasin Khan Tuesday asked the Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh to ‘forget his ABVP Pracharak’ days as well as his association with the RSS.

In a statement to KNS he said, “KEA is well aware of the directives given by the RSS to him. His association with the extremist Hindu party and subsequent admission into BJP as its General Secretary is an open secret. Nirmal Singh has to forget his RSS roots and agenda, and work with honesty and judiciously as a servant of the people of the state and not as a Bhakat of RSS. It is unfortunate that all the Jammu Ministers have a communal and extremist agenda. Kashmir Ministers on the contrary have no such association or label and if they had any such association, they would have not been ministers.”

“Nirmal Singh has exposed his credentials to the general public with his recent statements on flood damage and AIIMS. His bias against the Muslims is evident and open. KEA will not hesitate to launch a non co operation movement against the Jammu Ministers if they continue with their shameless communal agenda,” he said.

Khan asked PDP to fully prepare itself for an open show down and confrontation with BJP, “if their hate and venom against the Muslims of the State continues.”

“PDP should show some courage and spine and the lust for power should not precede interests of the people they say, they represent. PDP should not beg for relief or assistance It should ask for its rightful share of funds and assistance, as is being done for all other states. Denying this right to J&K especially to Kashmir only will make things more difficult for India. PDP should come open on the issues under discussion with the GoI and its response,” Khan added.


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