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National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Wednesday expressed serious concern over the prevailing situation in Palhalan, Pattan. He appealed the human rights activists and the media to visit the area so that the common people could share their fears and troubles.

The statement issued to KNS mentioned that a delegation comprised of local people from Palhalan Sunday met Khan and informed him about the whole situation. “The occupied forces have made the lives of the locals miserable and they are terrorizing them only because the people of the area are fearless pro-freedom people who unequivocally reject and resist the Indian occupation,” said Khan in a statement.

Khan further accused that not only Parvaiz Ahmad, but all the youth of Palhalan are being terrorized by the occupied forces and their collaborators ever since 2008.

“Police is responsible for the volatile situation of Palhalan because it has not allowed the locals to live freely and the men in uniform create reasons to target them,” reads the statement, adding that Police has made it a business to arrest the youth and then free them only after receiving heavy ransoms from their parents.

Khan has appealed the human rights activists and media to visit the area and find out that how the occupational forces and their collaborators have made the lives of the common people miserable.


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