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Remembering late Hurriyat leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz on his fifth anniversary, separatist leader and National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has appealed for peaceful protests on August 16, after Friday, prayers against the alleged atrocities on the Muslims living in Jammu region.

During his seventh day of continuous house arrest Khan said that Late Sheikh Abdul Aziz was a missionary and he and the resistance movement misses him badly. “So bad that we have been put under house arrest and we are not even able to collectively remember our affectionate brother and an asset of the resistance movement,” Khan said adding “but the day is not far away when the anniversary of Shaheed-e-Azeemat will be celebrated with full honour.”

Calling for protests on August 16, after Friday prayers against the alleged atrocities on the Muslims of Jammu, Khan said, “Muslims are like one body, if any part of it is aching the whole body feels its pain.”

Khan also appealed the Imams of the Masques to raise their voice against the communal elements who have “joined hands to crush the J&K Muslims only because they demand complete freedom from India.”

Calling the August 15, as a black day, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said that India has no moral ground to hold its independence day functions in J&K because it has never been its part. “The pro-India politicians who always issue statements in favour of solving the Kashmir dispute should desist from unfurling Tricolors otherwise they will be exposed once again as hypocrites.”


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