Khan On The Run, Has Abandoned Security, Says Police

KL Report


Kehwa KhanCongress’s erstwhile minister Shabir Khan wanted for a doctor’s molestation in Srinagar is on the run. Most of the raids that were carried out in last 24 hours have failed to yield anything.

A police officer who is associated with the exercise said Khan has deserted his security and switched off his all cell phones. “He is on the run and we are doing everything that is possible,” a police official said from Jammu.

Kashmir police has sent a team under a DySP rank officer. After carrying out raids, they had sent an SOS for reinforcements saying they are carrying many more simultaneous raids. Given the fact that it would take a long time for more nafri to reach Jammu, the team has been asked to seek additional requirements from Jammu police.

Sources said the police is under pressure to show results after the opposition cornered the government on the first day of the budget session. Principal opposition PDP alleged the government is deliberately not arresting the accused minister because he is being given time to settle the case with the victim. Government denied the allegation.

But it has surprised people that a person who was supposed to take care of the state’s health till the weekend is being reported missing. Khan, as a minister was enjoying top security and it has not been withdrawn after he put in his papers. If that is case, the government may have to explain many things.


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