Khuda’s Nomination Unfortunate, Disappointing: Rasheed


KL Report


MLA Langate Er Rashid has termed nomination of Khuldeep Khoda as Chief Vigilance Commissioner(CVC), as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘disappointing’ and accused the government that rather being serious in dealing with Corruption, it is worried in rehabilitating the ‘blue eyed’ bureaucrats.

In a statement Rasheed said, “When on one hand  government is throwing recommendations of SHRC and SAC into dust bin and takes them far granted there seems to be no fun in nominating few more white elephants to loot the state,”.
“While nominating Khoda as CVC the government has given a deaf ear to the objections and observations made by opposition parties,” Rasheed said adding “Khoda during his tenure as DGP has never ever been able to do justice with the people of state and has acted like a dictator as if there was an undeclared martial law and lawlessness in the state. Government should have paid some attention towards the objections made by various credible human rights groups regarding the atrocities committed directly or indirectly, intentionally and unintentionally by Mr Khuda during his period.”

Independent lawmaker further said, “It was Mr. Khuda who did not even bothered to lodge even a single FIR against those who killed peaceful protesters in the valley during 2008 or who killed 120 innocents, majority of them teen agers during 2010 agitation but at the same time was quick and arrogant enough to lodge the FIRs against minors and woman allegedly involved in stone pelting. There are dozens of cases of torture and disappearances which took place during his period and people have a right to know from Mr. Khuda that has he ever punished a single Khakiwala involved in these barbaric incidents?”

Rasheed said, “Everybody knows that how his own colleagues have revealed that how Mr. Khuda has killed innocent people in fake encounters during his period in Chinab Valley when he was posted as DIG Doda.” He further said that how can a person who has never deemed himself accountable before anybody at any level for his misdeeds be a best choice as CVC while dealing with the corruption at highest level.

“In fact Kuda’s appointment has proved that government has rewarded him after one year from his retirement for his barbaric and shameful incidents during his tenure,” Rasheed said adding when state government is not showing any interest in punishing those ministers and bureaucrats involved in big scandals what is the fun of appointing yet another person having doubtful integrity to probe the corruptions cases against them. Er Rashid said if Mr. Khuda’s service career has been so neat and clean then people of the state have a right to know from the governor of the state that why he had returned back the file of Mr. Khuda, what were the observations made by him and on what grounds governor has latter on cleared the file?


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