Khyber Cement Hosts Influencer Meet to Strengthen Industry Ties and Foster Growth


SRINAGAR: Khyber Cement recently hosted its Influencer Meet, an event dedicated to nurturing and strengthening key relationships within the industry. Held at notable locations across the state of Jammu and Kashmir, these gatherings exemplify Khyber Cement’s commitment to encouraging collaboration and mutual growth.

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Acknowledging the influential role such meetings play in cementing the industry’s future, Khyber Cement meticulously focuses each meeting on enhancing these vital connections. The company ensures that influencers feel valued, appreciated, and empowered about their association with Khyber Cement. Together, they celebrate progress and development, united under the inspiring banner of Taraqi Ke Hamsafar.

The agenda of these Influencer Meetups is thoughtfully curated to provide a thorough insight into the world of Khyber Cement. The event commences with a detailed introduction to the company, emphasizing its mission, vision, and core values, thereby imparting influencers with a deep understanding of the brand’s essence. Attendees then explore what distinguishes Khyber Cement from its counterparts, highlighting unique selling points and distinctive features that set the company apart.

Khyber Cement’s hosted its Influencer Meet in Srinagar on June 7, 2024.

A fundamental aspect of these meetups is the technical lecture, where influencers are educated about Khyber Cement’s product range, including OPC grade 43 and grade 53. Discussions delve into product features, functionalities, and their alignment with consumer needs, improving influencers’ knowledge and equipping them to effectively advocate for Khyber Cement’s offerings. One influencer remarked, “I have used many types of cement, but Khyber Cement has been at the forefront for me over the years.”

Following these enlightening sessions, influencers engage in an open Q&A, providing invaluable feedback and insights. During the subsequent networking lunch, they socialize with the Khyber Cement team, exploring potential collaborations. This interaction ensures influencers depart with a comprehensive understanding of Khyber Cement, solidifying mutual trust and appreciation.

As a gesture of gratitude, attendees are bestowed with exclusive goodies. This gesture surpasses mere appreciation, symbolising Khyber Cement’s commitment to nurturing a meaningful and enduring relationship with its influencers. These thoughtful gifts enhance the bond, underscoring a collective dedication to advancing the legacy of excellence with sincerity.

On June 7, 2024, an influencer meeting was organized in Rainawari, Srinagar, drawing 70 prominent influencers. Concurrently, multiple meet-ups were scheduled across the Kashmir region, featuring two sessions in Shopian and another in North Kashmir’s Kupwara. Through these impactful meetups, Khyber Cement not only fortifies its invaluable connections but also propels forward the shared vision of growth and development.


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