Kishtwar Traders Blame Jammu Traders For Discriminatory Approach

KL Report


After alleging discrimination from Jammu traders the Kishtwar trade union leaders and civil society have decided to expand their business market in Kashmir.

According to KNS, while addressing a press conference here the Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), various trade union leaders and civil society members from Kishtwar blamed the Jammu traders for a ‘discriminatory approach’ by selling the same products at higher rates to them compared to Kashmir. “We were surprised to see that the rate of products that Jammu provides us is much higher due to which we are not able to earn any profits. Thus, we don’t want to be limited to Jammu and bridge the gap of business links with the Kashmir,” said Reyaz Ahmad Zargar, a member of Anjuman-e-Islami, Kishtwar.

He further said that they feel there is a dire need to have a better communication with the Kashmiris and explore all the possible means to eliminate the dependencies of trade to a particular region. “The incident at Kishtwar gave us a reason as well as need to look for safe sources to have uninterrupted business activities without any specific dependability. We are hopeful that the new expansion plans would improve not only the economic condition of Kishtwar but also will help to reduce the unemployment,” Zargar added according to KNS reporter.

Meanwhile KEA is gearing to alliance with Kishtwar district and has decided to give help and assistance for expansion of trade and commerce with Kashmir valley. “We want to stand by with the Kishtwar both in business as well as the recent setback of communal clashes that they faced. Our aim is extend our support to them to ensure a free and impartial enquiry into the incident so that no community or individual is targeted to hurt anybody sentiments,” said chairman of Kashmir economic alliance in press conference. “This is our way of contributing to the state’s economy and efforts to fight growing unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir. We want to assure all the help and assistance for trade, commerce and other moral support,” he added.


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