Kitchloo shares ‘harsh realities’

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After being re-inducted in council of ministers Saturday, Mr Sajad Ahmad Kitchloo shares ‘harsh realities’ which he believes has not been brought to fore till date.

“After having successfully come clean on many issues which were brought against me under a mischievous design, I would like to share with my people some harsh realities which could not be brought to fore till date.

Some power hungry politicians, who somehow wanted to destabilise the State in particular and the Country in general, plotted against me and elected government in the State. They engineered a discontent through the length and breadth of erstwhile district Doda in general and targeted the downtrodden people of the backward district Kishtwar in particular and elected to exploit the situation by whipping communal passions through very mean ways. They could not bear with the age-old amity and brotherhood among the communities of Kishtwar and therefore chose to strike at its roots in the district.

It was a mere coincidence that I was in the district on the fateful day 9th August 2013 in connection with the death of my dear uncle and could defuse the crisis at start of mischief by fringe elements neat the site of first occurrence of violence. It was but for the timely action by the government that the situation was prevented from snowballing in to an all open conflagration throughout the region with the potential to envelop the entire Northern India, Central India and even western region of the Country.

As a highly conscious and sensitive person with decades of political standing I elected to step down to circumvent chances for any further mischief and to facilitate an independent inquest in to the whole episode. I not only tendered resignation but also persuaded the Honourable Chief Minister to get it accepted.

Kishtwar is small place compared to Ahmadabad, Muzaffar Nagar and like areas where communal clashes resulted in hundreds of deaths and destruction but parliamentarian of one known party chose to rush to Jammu for having on spot assessment of the situation which never was done in more high intensity violence gripped areas in other parts of country within so short time of occurrence.

The situation was aimed to exploit the sentiments of innocent people of Kishtwar who always are on my side irrespective of caste colour and creed and was also witnessed by the Prime Minister of India and our Chief Minister on their recent visit to Kishtwar.

The mischievous elements could not bear the Development of Kishtwar and my growing popularity amongst all communities of Kishtwar and Government, plotted to disturb the growth of development in district Kishtwar by engineering a conspiracy with heinous criminal mentality to trigger ethnic violence. Had I would not been present the number of killings in Kishtwar and our surroundings could be very high in numbers.

By the grace of all mighty Allah my presence in the town and timely action by army, paramilitary forces, State police and administration jointly could minimise the losses of precious human lives by defusing the situation within 5-6 hours except for three deaths which pains very deep in my heart and cannot be compensated by any means but I do stand by the side of victims of this violence whose property was damaged and guarantee them all possible support from my side.

I am great full to the people of all sects of Kishtwar for their all time confidence and trust in me and endorsed during the commission of enquiry. I appeal to the people Jammu and Kashmir in general and people of Kishtwar in particular to not to fall prey in the hands of nefarious and mischievous elements instead forget this planed occurrence as a bad dream and be with me for achieving my mission of developing State in general and Kishtwar in particular at a much faster speed and defeat the designs of antisocial and politically sick nefarious elements.

I am great full to my leadership by the core of my heart for having full faith and confidence in my dedication for party under the leadership of Hon’ble Farooq Abdullah and Mr. Omar Abdullah for announcing immediate re-induction in the council of Ministers.”

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