KPSS dares to ‘caution’ separatists, rejects ‘lip sympathies’

KL Report


Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samite (KPSS) has expressed dismay on the incident that happened in Hawl Pulwama. KPSS has cautioned the separatist camp not to send any such person or leader to the Pandit camps whose image is “tinted” and are “responsible for the exodus and killing of minorities” in Kashmir.

In a very hard hitting statement issued by the KPSS president, Sanjay Tikoo, it has said, “KPSS is not in a mood to take any lip sympathies from the separatists, main stream and religious leaders. These press releases and sermons are not executed efficiently by these leaders at ground level.”

Hitting directly on the separatist camp, KPSS statement further said, “Separatist camp is cautioned not to send any such person or leader to the Pandit camps whose image in tinted and are responsible for the exodus and killing of minorities in Kashmir Valley.”

Reacting to the Hawl incident the statement said that it does not see this incidence in isolation. Since, Gool, Kishtwar Communal violence, number of such incidences took place in Kashmir, which can’t be taken for granted.

“On the very night when Gool, Kishtwar Communal Violence happened, few youths in old city try to burn a temple along with two dozen Kashmir Pandits who have taken shelter in that Temple. Later the inmates showed some courage and the miscreants had to run from the scene. None of the persons from the majority community who live within vicinity came forward to save them or condemn this incident,” KPSS statement revealed.

It further said that recently some of the University going youths “threatened” Kashmiri Pandits living in down town area and expressed that they want to “annihilate” minorities as they are fed up by their very existence in the Valley.

The statement said, “If these incidents happen somewhere outside Kashmir, the people who do these evil acts are called ‘Communal or Right Wing People’, but if these acts happen in Kashmir, how can be these people be named just ‘Miscreants’.”

“KPSS is making it clear that if such acts are repeated either in individual or collective level, we will be forced to take any stern action against the culprits or our silence may not be taken as for granted,” KPSS warned.


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