KU blames incomplete OMR sheets for UG results


The University of Kashmir in a statement has said that students enrolled at various degree colleges whose result of 1st semester (CBCS) was declared on 19/01/2018.

The spokesman said that the result of some candidates was declared as “LO”/“NA” or even “Re-appear” due to the following reasons.

  • Such candidates have not darkened the respective circles on the OMR sheets and have rather put a dot or have encircled the respective answer or have ticked the respective answer which couldn’t be read by the OMR machine and, therefore the marks of the objective paper could not be determined and were not added to his/her theory marks. Such OMR sheets are being identified and shall be assessed again by the OMR machine after correcting the mistakes committed by the students.
  • some of the students whose result has been shown re-appear or LO has not darkened up the respective circles on the OMR sheet in the space where Roll No has to be written. They have instead written their Roll numbers in figures rather than darkening of circles, which could not be read by OMR machine.
  • Another category of students have not mentioned the series of Question Papers on the OMR sheet, therefore, respective answer key could not be applied to assess the marks obtained by the students.
  • Furthermore, the result of the some of the candidates has been declared as LO/re-appear whose practical awards were not submitted till date.

It is worthwhile to mention that the number of such candidates is more than seven thousand. In order to resolve all these issues, it will take at least 15 days to correct and assess their OMR sheets and declare their results. The mistakes committed by the students on the OMR sheets can be seen on the sample copies of OMRs displayed on the University website www.kashmiruniversity.net (in Notifications section).

It is also informed that evaluation of answer scripts is exclusively done at the college level, and lapse, if any found on part of the invigilating or supervisory staff, shall be recommended for appropriate action under rules.


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