KU Holds First Ever Street Play


Riyaz Ul Khaliq

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For the first time in its history, Kashmir University’s Media Education and Research Department Monday held an in-campus street Play. Keeping admission season in mind, the act which was played by the students of MERC was based on Ragging.

Written by one of  the students Iqbal Kirmani, the act was directed by his classmate, Heeba Din. The Act asking students to abandon ragging stressed upon the harmony between junior and senior students.

The MERC students played different characters in the Act and held it at many places in Varsity starting from Sir Syed Ahmad Gate.

While the Act was being played in front of Allama Iqbal (RA) Library, a newly enrolled student (name with held) watching the event burst into tears as he alleged to have been forced to ragging.

“I worked hard to get admission in the University but I am disappointed the way I was forced to worst kind of ragging by my seniors,” the student told the gathering witnessing the event.

The first ever Act has the distinction of involving the students who have been indulging in ragging in their colleges, but now they feel sorry of what they did.

“I was famous by Bilal Encounter in my college and did the worst of ragging but now I definitely feel sorry for what I did,” Bilal who played the part of protagonist in the Act told Kashmir Life. “I wish to meet my juniors again to whom I forced to dirty ragging and apologize to them.”

Iqbal Kirmani who wrote the script of this first ever Street Play said while new students are joining this highest learning institution, it is their responsibility to welcome them and make them feel good as against going for ragging.

“We feel their first steps here as we also have been like them, so it is our endeavor to go off with this ragging and make them feel good,” Kirmani told KL on the sidelines of the Act. “We will be always ready to take part in such activities.” He added and said, “we feel street plays need to be revived as Kashmir has its own history in the form of Baand-Paether. Street Play may be the modern form of Baand-Paether and we feel that our folk history gets revived.”

Farooq Masudi who recently took over as the coordinator of MERC said, “we feel it as our societal responsibility to make people aware about the issues concerning them, besides it being the practical connection between Journalism, society, and communication.” He added “As the admissions are going on and new students are joining the varsity, so it is our social responsibility to make students in particular and people at large aware about this issue of ragging.”

Coordinator MERC further said that Street Play being part of their course, students would get firsthand knowledge through such acts. “This is a relation between journalism and society in practical terms,” he said adding that the issue of ragging is a problem all over and if they were invited by any degree college in the valley they would be positively responding to them to make students aware about the negativity of the issue.

“We would like to go to colleges to Play this Act their as the problem is everywhere,” Masudi added. “We will be doing such acts in future also on different themes but at present new students are joining in so we would like to carry on with this Anti-Ragging theme,” he concluded.


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