Kupwara Couple Details Agonizing Seven Months in Bihar Jail



Kupwara couple who were jailed by Bihar police last year has been released from the jail after seven months and they have reached home on Sunday.

Peer Rahmatullah, a resident of Guzriyal, Kupwara, and his wife Husam said they were released from jail after seven months of “gruelling and agonizing life” in a Bihar jail.

“I and my wife were kept in a jail in Bihar for seven months without us having any involvement in any case that deserves imprisonment,” Rahmatullah told KNS form phone over Kupwara.

Under the rehabilitation policy for returning militants, started by the last NC-led government, Rahmatullah and his wife in November crossed Nepal border to India along with his family after the Jammu and Kashmir police and security agencies gave clearance to their counterparts in Bihar to allow them to cross over.

But police in Bihar arrested them on India-Nepal border and imprisoned them in Motihari jail.

“I was kept in an isolated cell for three months in the jail and for the remaining period I was put in a common jail,” he said.

“When we were arrested during our return, I pleaded with the police for my innocence. But the police labelled us of being terrorists and jailed us,” he said.

“The seven months in jail were of agony and pain for us. My wife was jailed in Women’s ward. We did not know anything about each other in these painful months,” he said.

The couple said that the police released them on April 25 and they reached home on Sunday.

Peer said he was distraught after reaching home as his mother could not see her son back in home. Peer’ mother, Hajira, died in December last year, eagerly waiting for his son to reach home with his family.

“I last talked to my mother on phone from Kathmandu. She was very happy that I was reaching home with my family after a long time,” he said.

“I was returning home after living a life of a common man in Pakistan, but my return was made tragic by the police in Bihar,” he said.

Because of the jail, he said, he could not see his mother, who had wished to die before seeing him.

“I was returning to live a normal life. We had nothing with us except some family belongings like clothes and money. But police has confiscated all those things and did not hand over to us after our release,” he said.


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