KU’s ‘On Date Exam’ Leaves Students in Lurch

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Hundreds of engineering students staged a massive protest on Thursday against three hours delay in receiving their question papers in the examination centre established at SSM College Parihaspora Pattan in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

Sources told CNS that despite flood threat, hundreds of students from far flung areas arrived at SSM College to appear in the examination hall before the scheduled time of 12 pm on Thursday. The engineering students from Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Communication, Computer Sciences, took their seats before the scheduled time but despite waiting for hours, no question papers were given to them.

The agitated students came out from the classes and staged a massive protest against the Kashmir University.

“The College authorities did not give any reason to us for the inordinate delay. We came here from Uri, Baramulla, Qazigund and other far flung areas and were made to wait over 3 hours. We had earlier requested to Kashmir University to postpone our examination but it did not honour our plea,” an angry student said.

Pertinently, due to flood threat and in view of inclement weather in valley, students of University of Kashmir had sought postponement of the scheduled examinations. But the University had decided to go ahead with the examination.

The students who waited from 12 pm to 3 pm for question papers said that College Principal made us to wait on the pretext that Kashmir University officials are on way and papers will here in a moment. Reports said that all the students amid anti-Kashmir University slogans departed from the College at 3 pm without appearing the examination.

Controller Examination KU Abdul Salam blamed SSM College Principal for the chaos.

“The vehicle carrying question papers developed some problem. You will not imagine that the College like SSM is not having a single Fax Machine. We could have sent the question papers through Fax Machine, but the Principal informed us there is no Fax Machine,” he said and added that it is irony that College authorities failed to persuade the students.

When asked, when the KU is mulling to conduct the examination of these papers, the Controller Examination said that he will look into the matter and will talk to the Principal SSM.

“Students are not at fault but the fault lies with us. We will surely conduct the fresh examination but the Principal needs to answer why he let the students flee from the College,” he said.

An official for SSM College held Controller Examination Kashmir University responsible for the mess.

“We repeatedly contacted Controller Examination KU who assured us that team with question papers is on way. We did our best and made students wait for three hours despite their protest,” he said adding that due to poor communication network, the Fax Machine is not functioning in the College.


  1. The news item titled “KU’s ‘On Date Exam’ Leaves Students in Lurch” reminded me of an African Kikuyu Proverb and a Kiswahili saying that “when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. In this case the students represent the grass and who represents elephants is quite evident.

    The controller examinations, KU while blaming SSM college said said that the vehicle carrying question papers developed some problem. So don’t you think that the controller should have arranged another vehicle to get the question to the destination (specially when university posses a fleet of vehicles). Even if the vehicle developed some snag at university gate, another vehicle would have taken at most 44 min to reach SSM College Via NH1A (Check Google Maps to Confirm) or the SSM College should have sent some official to receive the Question papers.

    The second thing, that the worthy controller says is that the College like “SSM is not having a single Fax Machine. we could have sent the question papers through Fax Machine, but the Principal informed us there is no Fax Machine,”. He could have sent the question papers on official email ID of the principal of SSM.

    The students waited for 5 hours (3 hours in examination hall), still both parties (university as well as the college failed to get the question papers) and nobody bothers that they wasted a precious time of the students. Even if the prima facie clearly suggests whose fault it is. Still i may be missing some things which the news item has failed to report. However one thing, that is clear, is that at the end it is always the student who suffers. This time around they came from Uri, Baramulla, Qazigund and other far flung areas to suffer. Well done my friends, you really travel a lot to suffer.


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