KUSU Condemns Attack On Students; Asks Them To remain Vigilant, United


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Kashmir University Students’ Union [KUSU] has  condemned the murderous assault on Kashmiri students studying at a college in Haryana.

Spokesman of KUSU while referring to media reports said that, “after knowing about their Kashmiri identity, these goons once again appeared in the premises allegedly with iron rods and sticks and started beating them mercilessly with able assistance from local sarpanch(village head).”

He further said that, “these attacks are a profound indication of hostility harboured against Kashmiri students by extremist elements in India which creates a constant atmosphere of fear and insecurity. No arrests have been made so far, according to media reports. This is not the first incident of this kind happening in recent times where local police has failed to act against culprits of these heinous acts.”

Giving details the spokesman said that, “at least sixty students have been beaten by goons & outsiders after entering the college campus, leaving few of them in critical condition. The college administration is also to be blamed for allowing local goons & outsiders to enter the college premises; effectively supporting them.”

KUSU expresses solidarity with the students who have been facing these continuous acts of hostility against them and suggests Kashmiri student community studying in various Indian states to be vigilant and remain united in groups as well as help each other as much as possible to thwart these kinds of attacks.


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