KWFF: CUK student’s film screening enchants audience at Tagore Hall



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Two short films by the students of Central University of Kashmir (CUK) screened at Tagore Hall here on the eve of second edition of Kashmir World Film Festival (KWFF) enthralled the audience on Thursday afternoon.

One titled as Kotar Baaz (17 minutes) by M Dawood and Ibrahim Moosa another Saaz (17 minutes) by Aseya Rahim and Haziq Qadri, all the pass outs of convergent Journalism department of central University of Kashmir.

With the screening of the films, the students and the guests erupted in the applause and appreciated the work of the young filmmakers.

The directors of the film Kotar Bazar said that the story of the film revolves around the pigeon caretakers.

“The film involves around those people of valley who are taking care of the pigeons and interviews that how they are caring them at their homes,” said M Dawood, the director of the film.

“The film has a message that we should leave together without any fights as the pigeons have depicted the scene in the film by putting up together with each other without knowing each other,” said Ibrahim Moosa, another director the film.

Film Saaz director Aseya Rahim said that her film revolves around the Kashmiri music.

“It talks about of the evolution of music in Kashmir and the Kashmiri musical instruments,” said Aseya adding “The film also consist of interviews like writer Zareef Ahmad, singer Qaiser Nizami and Qazi Rafi taking about Kashmiri music”

Organizers said that a total of six films were screened in today’s festival.

“Besides the films of students from central university of Kashmir, the other films that were screened today include Khawaja Sira by Anuradha Saupin, Bicycle Thieves by Vittorio De Mantuori, Dreaming Tajmahal by Nirmal Chander and Kerala Paradiso by Bijoy Lona,” the organizers said.

Kashmir World Film Festival (KWFF), organized by Actors Creative Theatre (ACT) kicked off on Tuesday after at Tagore Hall where minister for public works Naeem Akthar inaugurated the event.

The five day festival will conclude on 5th November 2017.



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