Lal Singh’s threat to Kashmir media, NC demands FIR


National Conference on Saturday strongly condemned the outrageous remarks of BJP Leader and Former Minister, Chaudhary Lal Singh and said this was a brazen attempt to muzzle the media in Kashmir. In a statement issued from Party Headquarters, ‘Nawa-e-Subha’ in Srinagar, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said Lal Singh’s open threat to the media fraternity in Kashmir had exposed an intolerant, vituperative and criminal mindset that threatens to subvert freedom of speech and democracy in the State.

“We condemn this outrageous threat in the strongest of terms. It should be treated as a criminal attempt to incite violence against journalists and the J&K Police should register an FIR under the relevant statutes of the law. There is absolutely no legal excuse for inaction in this case and an attempt to brush this under the carpet would be unacceptable and will discredit both the writ of the Administration and also muzzle free speech in the State,” the NC State Spokesperson said in the statement.

“Chaudhry Lal Singh is a habitual offender who was forced to resign for his role in shielding the accused in the Kathua rape and murder case after the case received national media outrage. He harbours a strong sense of vengeance against the media fraternity in the State who exposed him and his colleague that eventually resulted in his resignation being sought. BJP has failed to take action against Lal Singh despite repeated instances of him crossing the red line and trying to vitiate the atmosphere in the State. A continued failure to take action against him would amount to BJP being complicit in his statements and actions,” the NC State Spokesperson added.


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