Lalu, Owaisi Walk Out To Protest NC Not Being Heard

KL Report


In an interesting development two lawmakers Lalu Prasad Yadav and Assadudin Owaisi walked out of the Lok Sabha on Thursday to protest the Speaker’s denial to accommodate two NC members in a debate on Srinagar’s Fidayeen Attack. Interestingly however, the NC members stayed back and came out after some time to thank the two.

Details revealed that BJP leader Ms Sushima Swaraj had moved a motion to speak about the Srinagar attack in which five CRPF personnel and two militants were killed on Wednesday. Ten others were also injured in the attack. Ms Swaraj’s speech was interrupted frequently by the NC lawmakers Shareef ud din Shariq and Dr Mehbooba Beig. One of them was even heard telling the opposition leader that if she is in so much if love with AFSPA she should take it to Gujarat.

Once she completed his speech, both the NC leaders were in their legs seeking time. They said the incident took place in their state and they have every right to speak on the motion. But they were not given any time.

Instead, the Speaker permitted Yashwant Sinha to speak because he convinced the chair that since one f the five slain security men belonged to his constituency, he has the right to be part of the motion.

As Sinha started speaking, Lalu and Owaisi took exception to it. They said it was unfair that the representatives of the state where the actual incident took place are not being heard and accommodated. Angry as they were, both of them walked out in protest.

Reporters were surprised that while the two lawmakers from two different states apparently unconnected with the issue moved out, the two lawmakers for whom they protested were comfortably seated. By then, another issue had taken over in the parliament.

It was only after that the two lawmakers moved out. One of them told reporters that they could not immediately decide because Dr Abdullah was not around.


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