Land Grabber, A Lady, Booked Under PSA

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday claimed to have booked a notorious fraudster and land grabber booked under PSA.

A police spokesman in a statement said that acting tough against the habitual offenders, trespassers and land grabbers, Police in Budgam have booked a notorious fraudster identified as Shoki wife of Ghulam Rasool [email protected] Las Shikari resident of Gangbugh Srinagar under Public Safety Act for her unrelenting involvement in criminal/anti-social activities and deceiving/looting the gullible people.

The spokesman in a statement said that the booked lady has been continuously deceiving, befooling and looting the gullible people with her craftiness.

He said that many a time she was found to be involved in forcibly trespasses the land of people on the pretext of land deals and grabs the same through deceitful means.

He added the said lady also used to  attack  the owners of said land/property with the help of her goons and used to threaten common masses of her area to face dire consequences if not allowed such illegal activities.

“The booked lady is wife of a land broker namely Ghulam Rasool Dar @ Las Shikari and these both are acting in hand and glove in selling the land/property on fake revenue documents and subject has also been found in interfering in the matters relating to sale/purchase of land in her vicinity,” said the spokesman.

“Her repeated behaviour of indulging in offences and activities had created resentment among the public and turned into law & order situation,” he said.

He added that the said shrewd and swindling lady has been detained under PSA after obtaining sanctions from the concerned authorities for her involvement in 07 cases of cheating already registered against her in district Srinagar and Budgam.

“Community members are once again advised to be aware and not to fall prey to such fraudsters/land grabbers and report any such suspicious or fraudulent activity as early as possible,” said the spokesman.


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