Late Moulana Shawkat’s mother alleges Geelani of double standards

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The mother of Moulana Showkat Ahmad Shah former president of Jamiat-e-Ahlihadees (JeAH) who was killed two years ago in an explosion has expressed anguish and astonishment over the statements of some separatist leaders including Syed Ali Geelani allegedly supporting the culprits.

In a statement, the mother of late Moulana while referring to few statements published in many daily newspapers of Kashmir said that Geelani has mixed the names  of “killers Javed Munshi Billa Papa and Nisar khan” among the names of some political prisoners calling for their early release.

It may be recalled that Moulana Showkat was killed in an explosion outside Jamia Masjid Maisuma on April 8, 2011. The ailing mother of the deceased Moulana said: “When her son got killed all the separatist parties including Geelani jointly investigated the matter and with the help of militants came out the names of those who conspired and killed her son.”

The statement added that this was like a history created as first time unknown killers got exposed and arrested. “After this these leaders including Geelani sahib came to console me and I still remember the words of Geelani sahib who drawing similarities between the killings of our great Khulfa I Rashideen (RAH) said that Showkat sahib was killed like those Khulafa.”

She added that today after reading Geelani’s statement she wants to ask him about his double speaks. “The said tainted people are among those who killed Showkat sahib, how and why Geelani sahib is dubbing them as Mujahid now. In the same press statement Geelani sahib has also mentioned the name of one who killed Shaheed Millat Moulana Mohammad Farooq also. If this is what they believe in then I may ask these leaders why they visit the families of those killed and shed tears,” she said.

Moulana’s mother has appealed Geelani and other resistance leaders to refrain from double standards and if they cannot do them any favor, they must not hurt their hearts and souls.

 She added that it was very important to draw distinction between killers and Mujahideen and “if we fail in this, no leader or commoner will remain safe in Jammu Kashmir.”

She has also criticized the ex-leadership and present leadership of Jamiat Ahlihadees for showing negligence in case of Showkat for keeping ‘criminal’ silence over the matter and said that they will have to face Allah in hereafter and answer for their ‘sins’. (KNS)


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