Afzal’s family ‘disappointed’ with both the faction of Hurriyat

KL Report


Disappointed with what it called a ‘dull political campaign’ launched by a united Hurriyat Conference to pursue return of mortal remains of Mohammad Afzal Guru from Delhi’s Tihar Jail, the victim family says separatists as well as the state government has utterly failed in discharging their duties and obligations.

Talking to KNS, Aijaz Guru, elder brother of Afzal observed that the state government instead of discharging its duties by informing the family about the execution in time has facilitated the ‘secret operation’ by implementing government of India’s directions for curbs and restrictions in Kashmir.

“We have no expectations from Omar Abdullah government as his father facilitated execution of Mohammad Maqbool Bhat in 1984 the same way his son has facilitated Guru’s hanging,” Aijaz said, adding that state government was in loop when the decision of his execution was taken by the central government.

“Omar did not even bother to inform the hapless family about the date and timing of Guru’s secret execution at Tihar so that at least his wife and son could have met him at the last time. Omar should not lie in this information technology age, when information is available to people on a touch of finger. And for that matter Omar was not a common person who would not have know about the execution plan. He is the chief minister of the state and must have been brought in loop by the government of India before executing my brother,” Aijaz said.

 Afzal’s elder brother remarked that both factions of the Hurriyat Conference have out-rightly failed his family in discharging its obligations. “They (both factions of Hurriyat Conference) formed Mutahida Majlis-e-Mashawarat (MMM) to pursue the return of mortal remains of my brother. But what did they do in last over eight months except for issuing statements that too concerning their own interests. Let me tell them that freedom movements are not taken to their logical conclusions by issuing mere statements,” Aijaz said, adding that revolutions need consistency in values and approaches of its leaders.

“Mere statements won’t do anything.  When separatists lackluster approach could not get mortal remains of my brother returned from government of India, how do they expect people to believe that through their statements, they will get freedom?” asked Aijaz.

However, Aijaz appreciated efforts of Nayeem Khan, the National Front chairman saying that Khan is the only separatist leader who remained in touch with Guru’s family. “He recently released a book on Shaheed Afzal disseminating his thoughts among the people. This is the way how other separatists could have propagated the cause for which Afzal gave his precious life,” Aijaz said.


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