1267 people slapped of PSA in Omer regime: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) has strongly condemned the detention and slapping of PSA on Mushtaq Ahmad Sheikh a lone brother of seven sisters and a freedom activist Sajad Ahmad (Nayidkhayi).Terming these acts of administration as ‘state terrorism’, Hurriyat Conference said that the future of hundreds of students and youngsters has been made suspicious and added that during Umer Abdullah regime 1267 people were convicted under PSA and consequently detained in false cases.

Spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that Kashmir issue is related to civilized human society and recognized by international community and added that it is not a law and order problem and cannot be resolved through arbitrary and repressive measures. It is pending since long and on both side of ceasefire line, the people suffer and face political uncertainty and instability, said spokesman. While commenting over detention of  the Mushtaq Ahmad Sheikh and other young school  going children for alleged allegations of stone pelting ,Ayaz Akbar said that stone throwing is neither a passion nor hobby for Kashmiri youth ,however when incidents like Markundal ,Goal and Shopian are repeated and the young and innocent people are killed in a cold blood, then arbitrary measures won’t help instead the consequent  reactions are but natural and expected said spokesman . In a given situation and as for Kashmir issue, stone pelting in no way is unique or unusual and added that in hook and corner of the world the people took to streets and express their resentment and displeasure and even resort to stone pelting or use other methods .While referring to other states in India spokesman said that the people in these states express anger and resentment and even resort to stone pelting, however they are not shot with bullets nor PSA is slapped and sent jail. Terming the statement of police officer, stupid and childish, wherein he said that after serving the jail term Mushtaq Ahmad will serve as a good citizen.


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