Lawmakers have a problem with media, DD included

JAMMU: Various lawmakers, mostly from the opposition benches, have a problem with the coverage of the assembly proceedings and that does not exclude the public broadcaster, the Doordarshan.

“I praise the budget, partly and it was carried but I said many other things, they simply ignored it,” one NC lawmaker said. “They need to be objective and balanced.”

This led to the direction by the Deputy Speaker Nazir Gurezi. As he was into the middle of the sermon to the media appealing all the media to be objective, came a suggestion from none other than Mohammad Akbar Lone: “Summon the Director Information and teach him a lesson.” A peculiar style that has emerged Lone’s identity in the house, this suggestion left the entire house cracking into a swift laughter.

Lone on Monday created a ruckus in the House by resorting to unprintable utterances.

Earlier, in the firs sitting, the Deputy Speaker Gurezi said that the House should avoid reporting everything that happens in the House. “You must avoid reporting the events that the Chair arises against reporting,” Gurezi said. He was referring, apparently, to the ruckus that was created by the NC lawmakers Lone and Altaf Ahmad Kaloo in their verbal assault on Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu. Interestingly, there has been no motion in the House that would lead to the expunging of any records of the House in last two days.


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