LC Passes Resolution For Time Bound Inquiry Into VK Singh’s Statements

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Castigating Rtd General VK Singh for his controversial and inconsistent remarks, the Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs Abdul Rahim Rather Wednesday in the Legislative Council, said that his allegations have not only brought disrepute to the Indian Army, which is considered as one of the world’s most disciplined and apolitical force but also severely dented the credibility of the democratic institutions in the state.

Replying to the discussion on the remarks made by Gen Singh, Rather sought credible and transparent probe into the allegations which he said have seriously undermined the entire political process and created suspicion in the minds of the people against mainstream political leaders of the state. He said though the statements made by the Rtd Army General were utterly inconsistent and self-contradictory, but the same deserves a thorough probe owing to his former position and to bring facts in front of the people. He said the Rtd Army General in a single breath stated that money was paid to a particular Minister, then said that money was being paid to all Ministers and then he said that money was paid to some Ministers, in response to queries made by a TV channel.

Rather said that the Rtd Army General in similar self-contradictory statements said that the money was meant for winning hearts and minds of the people and later changed his statement saying that the money was spent under the Army’s Sadhbhavana programme.

Following the revelations, Rather said that the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah immediately took serious note of the issue and on September 25 wrote a letter to the Prime Minister conveying concern of the state and sought a credible and transparent probe in the matter. He reiterated that the government of India shall have to take stern action to address the wider implications that the statement can have on the future political and democratic process in the state, adding that the internal Enquiry Report prepared by some senior military officers lies with government of India and they must be well aware of the issue to take further action.

Rather further said that the intelligentsia of the Country condemned VK Singh for his irresponsible statements given in the print and electronic media. Rather said that as many as eight former Army Generals of the country contradicted what VK Singh has said and made it abundantly clear that Indian Army never indulged in such practices. This was a slap on the face of VK Singh, he added. Rather further said that Singh’s conduct and irresponsible statements will be marked as a black chapter in the History of the Nation and its Army.

Rather said that the breach of Privilege notice given by some members of this House which has been referred by the Chairman to the Privilege Committee is not an ordinary one. He suggested that the Privilege Committee should give it serious consideration and consult constitutional experts in this regard, if need arises, adding that the House is supreme and has ample powers to deal with the situation.

Later, the House unanimously passed a resolution, stating that “This House unanimously resolves that the allegations made by Rtd Army Gen VK Singh should be inquired in a time bound and transparent manner by Government of India.”


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