Leaders of ‘movement’ have forgotten Sarjan Barkati: Qazi Yasir, condemns his rearrest

KL News Network


Qazi Ahmed Yasir, the chairperson of Ummat-e-Islami Wednesday condemned the re-arrest of Sarjan Barkati.

Yasir said that Barkati became pioneer of the 2016 uprising and an idol of youth but ironically like many others in jails, he has also been forgotten by everyone, including the leaders of movement.

In a statement issued here, Yasir rebuked the “carelessness” of the Hurriyat leadership.

He also that the lawmaker’s raising Barkati’s slogans in the assembly was only theatrics and road shows to sell their own products.

“The lawmakers were only playing politics by using tactics of Barkati while they don’t even believe in a single slogan or word they say in the assembly.”

Barkati, became popular mainly during the summer unrest for his unique style of protests and sloganeering that pulled crowds in thousands.

Barkati was arrested on October 1 while going to a rally. He was booked under Public Safety Act and shifted to Kotbalwal jail.

“While the court had quashed his PSA but the police arrested him again, which is not only illegal but also abuse of his rights,” the statement said.

Yasir said that people should be concerned about everyone who is languishing in jail, just like Barkati. “So many youths and leaders were arrested for being part of the uprising and once everything was back to normal, people moved ahead and forgot. Even the pro-freedom leaders have not once condemned Barkati’s PSA or re-arrest, who was instrumental in changing the dynamics of protests. Such a treatment by pro-freedom leadership to people who are pillars of the movement only disheartens them from everything and develops discontent against each other, which is also detrimental in breeding a fresh leadership,” he said.


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