Legislative Speaker Murderer of Democracy: Er Rasheed



Terming speaker’s ‘decision not to allow’ “resolution seeking consensus on strengthening and protecting Article 35 A of Constitution” as unfortunate and unconstitutional, independent  lawmaker Er Rasheed Wednesday alleged that Speaker is acting like a mouth piece of RSS and other anti-Kashmiri forces who are keen bent to snatch even the mortal remains of autonomy and special status of J&K.

“The decision of the speaker to disallow the resolution is murder of democracy and he has no right to disallow a resolution which had not any objectionable contents. Speaker seems to have forgotten that he is custodian of the rights of people of State and not only that of radical elements from Jammu,” Rasheed said in a party statement.

“Speaker has proved himself to be an agent and proxy of New Delhi and anti-Kashmiri forces. If he has any moral courage he must not disgrace the credibility of the institution of the Assembly and if he cannot maintain the dignity of the house and discharge his duties is accordance with the constitution he must resign and join RSS or VHP,” he said.

Rasheed also lashed out at PDP for misleading the people over every issue and added that when Article 35 A was dragged to the Supreme court by Narendra Modi’s close associates PDP had claimed to do everything to protect it but has become “a part of conspiracy as speaker hailing from the ruling coalition has sabotage the resolution”.

He said, “let PDP, NC and others understand that if the  Assembly cannot pass or debate a resolution  seeking protection of Article 35 A then what is the job of legislatures and how can they  help in resolving  the basic dispute of J&K.”

He added that by disallowing this very important resolution and by hesitating in debating serious political issues, the State Assembly as usual “is leaving field open for those who often discredit the credibility of State Legislature”.


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