Legislator Rashid Castigates Unionists for ‘Sabotaging’ Hurriyat-Pak Meet



MLA Langate and president AIP Er Rasheed Saturday strongly castigated state-based mainstream political parties for “sabotaging” the possibilities of talks between Hurriyat and govt of Pakistan and facilitating Delhi an escape route to run away from the real issue.

He criticised GoI for its “arrogant, unrealistic and unacceptable” stand which it has been adopting from time to time for resolution of Kashmir dispute.

“If mainstream parties and their masters in New Delhi really believe that Pakistan should talk to elected representative s of J&K, why doesn’t GoI and govt. of J&K put a formal request to govt. of Pakistan for the same?” Rashid asked. “New Delhi very cunningly uses situations to change discourse of developments in its favour as when they face public uprising like that of 2010 in J&K then from Shusma Swaraj, Arun Jateley and Sitaram Yechouri to P Chadambram don’t hesitate from begging at the doors of Mirwaiz, Geelani, Yasin Malik and even auto drivers.”

But once Indians feel heat off, he said, “they betray every commitment which they make. Every development proves that Delhi doesn’t want a peaceful resolution to the dispute. Infact the ultra nationalist media is dictating terms and preventing New Delhi from adopting a realistic stand.”

Er Rashid said New Delhi seems afraid of defending a very weak argument when it has to discuss Kashmir on table.

He urged Kashmiri leaders whosever, not to beg for talks as Kashmiris have sacrificed already a lot and should not compromise on their self respect.

“J&K by no standard is a bilateral issue and people of Kashmir have not sacrificed to allow Mufti and Omer to act as carriers of New Delhi nor for the reason that Hurriyat leaders should be served with a dinner or lunch in the Pakistan embassy but want a end to their miseries which is possible only when Kashmir issue is resolved as per aspirations of Kashmiri people and historic perspective of the dispute. Kashmiris are not beggars but basic party to the dispute and GoI by demoralising them is itself pushing Kashmiris to radicalisation.”

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