Leopard Attacks Two Sisters, One Dead, Another Battling For Life

SRINAGAR:  Two sisters living in a remote Reasi village were just outside their high altitude home in Chanitop Kalwa Sarjoo. Daughters of Mushtaq Ahmad, they were playing. The village is part of the Mahore belt.

Suddenly, a leopard appeared on the scene. He attack one and then took another along with him. The attack was so quick that the families took a bit of time to realise what had befallen on them.

A few hours later, when the residents along with the Wildlife officials started scanning the forests, they located both – one dead and another critically injured.

Reports said that Gulshad Bano, 8, was dragged away by the wild animal to Konsoli Kalwa forests. Her seriously injured sister Dilshad was immediately evacuated to the hospital where she is in a critical condition.

A brief, less than a minute video shot on a cell phone, highlighting the searches by the locals was circulating on the social media.

Mahore is witnessing an increased man and wildlife conflict. There are dozens of incidents reported from the belt in last few years. Though the wildlife department is around but they are unable to manage the wildlife. Their entire focus is on spreading awareness but the locals say it is not up to the mark.

There are instances in which the leopards took away kids from their mothers when they were asleep. Most of the residents take their herds into the forests where they face such attacks. Off late, however, the leopards have started coming down to the peripheries to taste the human blood.

Of late, the government has started offering the families of the victims of the conflict a compensation of two lakh rupees in case of a death, Rs 1.50 lakh for a permanent incapacitate, Rs 50,000 for serious injury and Rs 10,000 for a mild injury. In 2014, the rates were changed to Rs 3 lakh in case of death and permanent incapacity; Rs one lakh for grievous injury and Rs 15,000 for a small injury.


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