Less Than 50% Migrant Voters Can Cast Their Vote

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Even BJP is relying on migrant votes to fulfill its dream of governing Jammu and Kashmir for the first time among the 52,898 migrant voters in 16 Assembly segments of Kashmir Valley which are voting Sunday for the fourth phase of polling, only 20,955 have filled up the M Forms to cast their vote.

According to official data, 16 constituencies spread over district of Srinagar and South Kashmir districts of Islamabad and Shopian have a total number of migrant 52,898 votes, while the M Forms have been filled up by 20955 migrant voters only which is much less than half of the total number of voters.

While eight constituencies of Srinagar district including Habbakadal, Amirakadal, Hazratbal, Idgah, Khanyar, Sonawar and Batamallo has a total number of 30,773 migrant voters, the six constituencies of Islamabad district including Islamabad Assembly segment, Dooru, Kokernag, Shangus, Bijbehara and Pahalgam has a total number of 18398 migrant voters.

The two constituencies of Shopian district including Assembly segment of Wachi and Shopian has a total number of 3727 migrant votes.

Out of all 47 Assembly segments of Kashmir Valley, Habbakadal Assembly segment has highest number of 16,271 migrant voters which is followed by Bijbehara in Islamabad district which has 5056 migrant voters.

Assembly segment of Amirakadal in Srinagar has 4560 migrant votes while Islamabad Assembly segment has 4012 migrant votes. Batamallo Assembly segment in Srinagar district has 3762 votes while Sonawar Assembly segment in the same district has 1092 migrant voters.

Zadibal Assembly segment in Srinagar has lowest number of 421 migrant votes while Idgah has 723 votes. Hazratbal Assembly segment in Srinagar district has 2543 votes while Khanyar Assembly segment has 1401 migrant votes.

In Islamabad district, Dooru has 2121 migrant voters while Kokernag has 2977 votes, Shangus Assembly segment in the same district has 2355 votes and Pahalgam Assembly Segment has 1877 votes.

In Shopian district, Wachi Assembly segment has 2048 migrant votes while Shopian Assembly Constituency has 1679 migrant voters.

However as per data, out of 16271 voters, only 4720 migrants have opted for casting their vote by filling up their M Forms in Habbakadal Constituency.

In Bijbehara, 2392 migrants filled up their M Forms to cast the vote while in Hazratbal 570 filled up their M Forms. In Zadibal 129 migrants have filled up their M Forms while 152 migrants have opted for casting their vote for Idgah Assembly Segment. In Khanyar 968 migrants have filled up their M Forms while in Amirakadal 1329 have opted for casting their vote.

Besides, 372 migrants have opted for Sonawar Constituency, 805 for Batamallo,1149 for Wachi, 828 for Shopian, 1618 for Islamabad, 1112 for Dooru, 1783 for Kokernag, 1609 for Shangus and 1419 for Pahalgam Assembly segments respectively.

Srinagar, Islamabad and Shopian districts are polling in the fourth phase of assembly elections today.


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