Let Candles Cry Full Tonight

By Waqas Khan


Let women and candles cry full tonight

For Kunan is left in its darkest sight

A burn such is sensed by their woeful hearts

Which no snow breeze can bring respite


For humans who cart the onus of bond

Agony is vivid of that February night

When the dusk had left reverie in eyes

And dawn did break with soul blight


Eyes trickle pain and lips shiver in fear

When they knit their stories for earnest ear

I see through pearls of their sunken eyes

A haunting tale: of dark; of miseries; of hues and cries;


When snakes crawled in a still hamlet

With their vicious aims and fangs bite

They dumbed all men, benumbed their women

For gashing their clothes and bashing their pride


Three pigeons of a nest standing in a row

Were hurt by a black harsh hunter’s bow

They cooed, they whined, they groaned in pain

When he ripped their feathers and blackened their glow


Who once were queens of a bright sky

Are a hapless covey now weary to fly

Pour mercy on them, Oh Heavenly Might!

For these caged birds ask freedom and flight.


(The poet is a Srinagar-based journalism graduate.)


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