‘Let Omar Debate NFSA in Assembly Instead of Spreading Misinformation’



Ab Haq Khan 2
Abdul Haq Khan also laid foundation stone of CFCs at Rapora, Pulwama.

Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Abdul Haq Sunday accused former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of “spreading misinformation” among the people regarding National Food Security Act (NFSA).

Abdul Haq while referring to statements given by the former CM, said the National Conference have launched a misinformation campaign on NFSA to mislead the people and bar them from taking benefit of this historic scheme.

“The miscreants have started a false propaganda by saying that under NFSA most of the people will be deprived off the ration,” he alleged.

The minister challenged Abdullah to debate the issue in assemble to clarify if they feel the act is against people.

While clarifying on the issue minister said government will give ration to more people number of people under NFSA.

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Haq also announced public park at Rajpora and Rs 10 lakh for playground.

He said earlier government was able to give ration to only 99 lakh people of the state but now government will be able to give ration to 1.19 crore population of the state. “74.13 lakh people will receive ration at the rate of rupees 2 or 3 while forty lakh people will receive ration under APL category,” he added.

He said government will give ration according to 2011 Census and more people will be enrolled in public distribution. He said earlier household would get ration of 35kgs but now government will give ration per head that will be beneficial for the people.

“Suppose a family has 10 members. Earlier they would get 35kgs but in new scheme each family member will get 5Kgs which means 50Kgs per family,” he clarified.

Ab Haq Khan

Abdul Haq said ‘miscreants’ are spreading misinformation among the people for their ulterior motives.

“The people should not fall prey to any propaganda and should try to take benefit of this revolutionary scheme,” he said, adding “as the implementation of NFSA would go a long way in plugging the pilferages in the existing public distribution system, the elements who were thriving on the loopholes in the system are also responsible for spreading canards regarding the scheme.”

He said still if government feels some people will suffer by NFSA, they are open for suggestions from all the stockholders. “We welcome every view. We are not dictators but an elected government. Let people including NC come up with suggestions and debate on the floor of house. We will incorporate amendments if necessary,” he said, adding, a subsequent mechanism will be put in place for the benefit of these people.

The minister said this while interacting with people during his tour to Pulwama district. (KNS)


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